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Our story began in 1999, when Professor N.I. Smolyar, Head of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at L’viv Medical University, started the clinic. It has since been carried on by her daughter Professor Elvira Valentinivna Bezvushko, who balances a combination of didactic lectures at the University with her own clinical responsibilities, amongst frequent participation conferences and internships across Europe and the United States to ensure the highest level of treatment innovation is available to all our patients.

About us - Dental Сlinic of Рrofessor Elvira Bezvushko

With more than 20 years of quality work and trusted patients turning to use from over 11 countries, it was our honor to be presented with the title of “Best Practice of 2004” for our winning project “Let the Children Smile” from Soroptimist International Switzerland – a global volunteer organization that provides women and girls with access to the education and training they need to achieve economic empowerment. We earned the title of “Industry Leader of 2014” from the National Business Rating of Ukraine and remain ranked as No. 1 in the treatment of enamel hypoplasias throughout all of Western Ukraine for our continued participation in state-funded projects for the treatment of dental fluorosis in the L’viv region. We pride ourselves on close cooperation with US and NATO dentists for further advancements in the field, leading to the award of an “International Peace Prize – 2005” from the United Cultural Convention of America. Prof. Bezvushko also received the “Woman of the Year in Dentistry – 2019” Award from PLACE NAME OF GROUP THAT GAVE YOU THE AWARD HERE, among 350+ publications in specialized dental and medical journals and additional accolades.

Why are we recommended so highly?

  • a personalized approach to your unique needs and detailed supervision of each step of treatment by our chief dentist for maximized results in all aspects of care
  • tailored treatment options for our patients to choose from based on time frame, specific methodologies utilized, and financial considerations 
  • treatment of patients of all ages, be they adults or children, in one centralized location housing two distinct offices to ease the burden of time constraints on busy parents
  • specialization of all our clinic doctors, with regular continued education and updated training through internships in Ukraine and abroad, which always ensures only the highest level of professional care
  •  access to industry best materials from around the world
  • the utilization of a new generation of laser therapy founded in Europe, increasing the efficiency of classic dental treatment several times over
  • our own patented methods of caries prevention and enamel strengthening, with our clinic responsible for 5 nationally recognized patents in Ukraine

About us - Dental Сlinic of Рrofessor Elvira Bezvushko

Our clinic was created to make every patient feel more than simply welcome for dental treatment, but truly as a place of comfort

  • We strive to provide an atmosphere of psychological comfort and well-being in a “non-medical” setting, taking pride in the ease of access to our location and its associated parking, our ability to schedule no-nonsense appointments to avoid long waits or lines at the clinic, and even tailoring our hours to meet your need for weekend appointments.
  • Additionally, online consultations are available for patients upon request and we offer a system of free preventative exams to access current health status and treatment suggestions.

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