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Dental Сlinic of Рrofessor Elvira Bezvushko

The philosophy of our clinic is that we don’t just treat individual teeth but aim to establish comprehensive dental health beyond just “putting in fillings”. We believe that in this modern world, the secret behind a beguiling smile goes beyond good health and beautiful aesthetics as an integral part of a positive self-image.

We personalized treatments in accordance with your specific needs and desires - from traditional dental treatments to the full complement of modern dental services, including aesthetic dentistry, injectables, and highly effective preventive measures.

How impactful is an attractive smile? After all, it can be a way to showcase not only your confidence, but also your success!

What makes our office special is that we will ensure that you are given as much time and attention to detail as is necessary for the realization of your specific desires under our care!

We pride ourselves in fair and honest consultations with all our patients prior to the start of any treatment, and in each subsequent appointment as needed. Attentive to all the highest aspects of cleanliness in the clinic, we use as many disposable instruments as possible, in addition to multiple levels of mechanical and ultrasonic, as well as high-temperature and pressure sterilization. This is simply the standard of our work.

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